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A special day I will never forget

Attached are pictures of my dad and me delivering 13 flags to 13 amazing children we met a few weeks ago. Last month Manatee Children Services reached out to us and wanted to collaborate on a project. After learning about their cause (provide shelter and protective services for children coming out of dis-functional homes), we came up with a great idea! Since these children (ages 9-17), owned little more than the clothes on their backs we decided to hold a mini workshop at my home. They would all learn how to make (and keep) their very own Heroic Flag…and have some fun while doing it.

On a Saturday morning in April, they all arrived at my home. After introductions, we all got busy. My brother, dad and I showed them how to carve the wood, I also helped them with the torching (to make sure they did not burn the house down), and my sister and mom helped them with the staining. By the afternoon, most of the kids were done so we ate pizza and ice cream and sang karaoke.

By the time they left, I made 13 new friends, each with a special place in my heart.

After some final steps, I delivered the flags to the children (we are not allowed to take pictures with them – I hope you understand). They were all amazed at their artwork, it even got emotional for some of them. I hope they cherish it as a symbol of hope.

Another cool thing we did on that April morning was we had each child carve 1 plank of a 3-foot flag (when they were done carving their mini). When each child was done, we finished completing the flag and MCS raffled it off – raising $3,000 for the children.

There are a lot of people in society a lot less fortunate than me, so I want to thank all my supporters. Because of you, my family was able to share a wonderful day with so many special children.

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